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Power Flush Toilet


Have you been using a lot of water to flush your home toilet? If your answer is yes, then you should know what a power flush toilet is. This is a modern flushing toilet system that relies on air pressure to force out water when flushing. Water used for flushing in the bowl is at high pressure. You should consider buying one of these top rated toilets as you will only flush once.


A sealed plastic container placed in the toilet tank compresses air inside it that creates pressure. Actually, these toilets’ design makes them more efficient and cleaner. Above all, some of these type toilets come with an elongated front that makes it comfortable when using then. They have an easy to clean glaze. The coating helps in shielding clients from different diseases as it is influenced impervious to bacteria. Therefore, these toilets are must-have if you want to save on water and power when flushing.


Benefits of Power Flush Toilet


Save water

The most valuable resource in our homes in water. Power flush toilets are designed to help save you on it usage when flushing. The design of this toilet helps it to release less water at very high pressure that flushes clean the bowl. It is important to note that only one flush is enough to keep your bowl clean.



As noted earlier, water used for flushing in the bowl is at very high pressure. Therefore, this will help reduce clogging of your toilet system. Less routine and professional maintenance is needed since most of the maintenance is taken care of by the high pressure water. The user will be able to save on the cost, time and the hassle of looking for professionals to repair the toilet.



Many people will look for simple but unique toilet designs that suit their desire. Power flush toilets are designed with reduced condensation on the bowl and tank. This is what most people will look for while shopping for a good toilet for their home. The toilets sweat significantly less due to the barrier created by the air that forces water through the bowl.



Toilet Clogged

When Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush


* Use a Plunger


* Use a Wire Hanger


* Use a Auger


How to fix a Toilet With a Plunger


Items You Will Need:


1) Plunger


2) Rubber Gloves


3) Disposable Cup or Container & Bucket


4) Rags to soak up any spillage


***If the toilet bowl is full of water use the Disposable Cup or Container & Bucket to remove some of the water.


Take the plunge! Toilet clogged, place both hands firmly onto the stick of the plunger, put the mouth of the plunger over the toilet hole. Placement is very important in getting a good plunge; in order to create a seal and generate the suction force to unclog your toilet, you have to cover the toilet hole with the plunger.


Once the stick of the plunger points directly through the center of the plunger over the toilet hole, give the stick a push so that the middle of the plunger dips down toward the drain. Tug it slightly back upward, but not not enough to break the suction seal, push the stick 6-8 times before you remove the plunger.


WARNING! The plunging motion can create turbulence within your toilet. If there’s enough turbulence, the dirty water within could spill all over your floor. To prevent this from happening, empty a few cupfuls of the water carefully into a cleaning bucket. In my experience, it helps to leave enough water in the bowl to cover the cup of the plunger. Once you’re ready to use the plunger, place those rag towels around the base of the toilet in an effort to soak up any water.


How to Fix a Toilet with a Wire Hanger


Items Needed:


1) Wire Hanger


2) Rubber gloves


3) Disposable Cup or Container & Bucket


4) Rags to soak up any spillage


****If the toilet bowl is full of water use the Disposable Cup or Container & Bucket to remove some of the water.


If plunging fails to unclog the drain and the toilet doesn’t flush a wire coat hanger may clear the obstruction

This will generally work if there is an obstruction in the first few inches of the drain… If the toilet clogged with just paper it should be easy to fix.


1) Unravel the coat hanger. Twist the top ends of the coat hanger apart until they are no longer connected. Stretch it out to lengthen it. Be careful not to scrap the porcelain with the wire.


2) Hold onto the hook end and insert the smaller curly end into the drain. Once the wire is in the drain, twist it, push it, and maneuver it in a circular motion to clear the drain.


How to Fix a Toilet with an Auger


Items Needed:


1) Auger


2) Rubber Gloves


3) Disposable Cup or Container and Bucket


4) Rags to soak up any spillage


****If the toilet bowl is full of water use the Disposable Cup or Container & Bucket to remove some of the water.


1) Put the hook-end of the auger down into the mouth of the toilet and keep extending it out of its sheath until you feel the end of it reach the clog.


Poke and prodd at it, try to either push the clog down the hole or drag it back up into the bowl.


When you’re done with the auger, take it outside and clean it with a strong disinfecting cleaner before storing it.



Elongated Toilet Seat for Tall People



If you are a tall person or even a bigger person you will find that you are going to have a great deal of troubles with the standard toilets seats that they fit to toilets these days. One thing that you can do to overcome this obstacle is to invest in an elongated toilet seat that will be much more comfortable for you. Older people find an elongated toilet seat easier to use as well as it is difficult for them to move up or down on a lower toilet seat. Although this might sound funny talking about toilet seats it is a real problem for many people.



It is even better for pregnant women to use an elongated toilet seat as it will be easier for them to use with the extra weight that they will have to carry. The elongated toilet seat is also much stronger than standard toilet seats. The reason for this is because it has extra material in order to lift the seat height therefore making it steadier to use. Because such a toilet seat is not standard you might have a bit of troubles finding one. If you cannot find one in the hardware stores close to you, you can always as that they order one for you or you can order one directly from the internet or manufacturers.



Now that people talk about this more often there is a bigger sense of awareness concerning the comfort of toilets in public areas as well. You will find that at least one of the toilets in a public area has an elongated toilet seat which people who are bigger, taller or older can use in comfort. The round bowl and toilet seat is still very common to install in homes and public areas but now that they know how comfortable the elongated toilet seat is people are requesting these more before any building takes place.



If you are in the process of building a home or thinking about buying one you should not forget to overlook the important toilet feature which will be your elongated toilet seat. The elongated toilet seat gives you more seating space and is simply less messy than the round bowl. The reason for this is the extra space of the seat. You just have to give special attention to small children making use of such a seat as it will be easy for them to fall into the toilet.

Antique Brass Shower Head | A Great Remodeling Touch To Your Bathroom!




An Antique Brass Shower Head could add the finishing touch to your bathroom remodeling project because it looks modern with a classic feel. You can use a brass shower head to match up with the other antique brass bathroom fixtures in your bathroom and you can do it with very little cost. 



Although it may be that when you hear the words antique brass shower head, they could actually be talking about using antique brass for a shower head, it is more possible that they are speaking of a way that a piece of brass can be made to look like it is an antique.



You may have already found out that most local home improvement stores or hardware stores do not have a very large selection of antique brass shower heads. The best place to find the largest selection is on AMAZON. Not only do AMAZON have a large selection but they also will have them at discount prices and free shipping!



Antique Brass Shower Head | The Classic Look!



There are many different antique looks that remain classics, but the antique brass look just keeps on coming back over and over again throughout the history of fashionable house wares. Antique brass shower heads and antique bathroom brass faucets, for example, are very popular because they are classic and classy, and you can even do them yourself as a project, if you wish to turn your old showerheads into pieces with an antique brass finish.


 TIP! Frequently inspect the floors around toilets for softness; this can tell you whether or not the floors are damaged. Straddle your home toilet by rocking it from foot to foot to see if there's any weakening or softness on the floor below you. 


 On contrary to popular belief, the metal does not have to be brass in order for one to be able to make it look like an antique brass shower head. In fact, many antique brass products today are made from metals that are much thinner and lighter than brass. All they do is treat it in a way that will make it look like antique brass in order to get that desired look.


 Of course the look and feel of an authentic piece of antique brass will certainly feel different from the pieces that are just finished to look like antique brass, but then if you do not have the budget to shell out to buy these expensive antique pieces, then these antique finished products are good enough for your purposes. You can check out the large selection of bathroom faucets on online market and also check out their low prices!



TIP! If a fireplace is in a room that you plan to decorate, it is important to arrange that area correctly. The good way to achieve this is to ensure that objects on the mantle give a balanced look. 



There are many reasons that people choose to make use of an antique brass shower head. Many of these people are usually those who really prefer antique looks to the modern look, which in itself can be fuelled by many other things.



One of the reasons that there is a preference for such a look is because it is much easier to match with other kinds of designs and themes. Modern pieces, for example, will only really look good with a modern decor in the room, or else it will look out of place. However, those that are made to look like antiques, especially those that are made to look like antique brass, can be mixed with anything and the look can still make it work.



Another reason could be that the look of antique brass is much more intricate than the minimalism that is used for modern pieces, which can be beautiful as well but is far too simple for those that are looking for really intricate pieces.



If you have an apartment or a house that has an eclectic mix of decors, then an antique brass shower head would be a good addition, in it that it will fit in quite marvelously, and you will have an interesting addition to your bathroom.



This is also one of the easier ways that you can add a little bit extra to your bathroom without having to completely redo the decor or even renovate. That way you can give your bathroom that little extra something interesting and all for a nice and affordable price as well.

 The best place to find the largest selection of antique brass shower heads is on Amazon.


 Bathroom Shower Curtains




Bathroom Shower Curtains are pretty easy to come by both online and offline. In addition, to save money, you can easily make your own Bathroom Shower Curtains very easily. Attractive Bathroom Shower Curtains can actually make your bathroom look like it’s been professionally decorated. But watch out, Bathroom Shower Curtains can really get disgusting, so keeping them clean is vital to your families health, and for the clean appearance of your home.




One of the easiest items to find when you are decorating your home is Bathroom Shower Curtains. You can find them in just about every dollar store in the country, every mall, every department store, and most online stores that sell home goods. Because of this great variety, Bathroom Shower Curtains can be a fun decorating tool. They are usually priced very reasonably, and you can alternate between 3 – 4 of them in your home design. You can practically change the look of your bathroom with every season.



If money is a real problem for you, why not try making your own Bathroom Shower Curtains? It’s not very hard to make curtains, and it can save you some money. You can make really nice curtains by combining two Bathroom Shower Curtains together to create a designer look. You can also use a cheap curtain to act as your liner, and then make an outer curtain out of a nice acrylic fabric that is lined with a plastic or has a plastic-like feel. Bathroom Shower Curtains make one of the easiest sewing projects that you can undertake.



One of the great things about Bathroom Shower Curtains, is that if you use nice ones, they can actually make your bathroom look like it’s been professionally decorated. This is one of the reasons that you should probably pay a little more to get a collection of good curtains, rather than getting a bunch of super cheap curtains, and saving money. A nice shower curtain might cost you about $5 – $12 more than a cheap one. But the difference in quality and appearance is significant.




One thing that you have to keep in mind with Bathroom Shower Curtains is that it’s important to keep them clean. Many people don’t realize that you can just throw them in the washing machine and keep them relatively clean. Just let them air dry.



Benefits of Using a Towel Warmer


Towel warmer is more than what it actually is. People now use it not only because it keeps the towel dry and warm, but also for decorative purposes. There are many different models and styles to suit every room’s design, and it is in fact usable as room heater too. Main benefits of using a towel warmer are as follows.



1. Fresh and Warm Towels


The main function of a towel warmer is obviously to keep your towels and bathrobes warm. It may not sound like much, but warm towel gives its own advantages especially after taking a refreshing hot shower where you need to get out of the shower room and once again expose yourself to a cold air. Warm towel keeps your body comfortable in the right temperature and it can indeed help you dry more quickly. Dry towel is in most cases softer to the skin too.



2. Prevent Mildew from Wet Towels


After using the towel, you will want to make it dry quickly as well to prevent mildew from growing on it. Mildew and fungus thrive in wet moisture temperature, and wet towel is the proper environment for them. A towel absorbs a good amount of water from your body, making it soaking wet pretty quickly. It has to be dried out immediately so mildew and fungus never have the chance to really thrive. Abest towel warmer review generates enough heat that it is able to get your bathrobe and towel dried out almost instantly.



3. Warming the Entire Bathroom


Most modern towel warmer can be used as a heater too. It eliminates the need for a stand-alone heater in your bathroom. There are many different sizes that it is easy for you to choose the appropriate towel warmer which generates enough heat to keep a warm temperature in the entire bathroom. A heater is probably too big for a small bathroom, but wall-mounted towel warmer basically does not require any space on the floor, making it suitable even when you don’t have spacious bathroom.



4. Multiple Applications


If a towel warmer can generate enough heat to keep a comfortable temperature in the bathroom, it should also be able to function as heater in other rooms in your house. Of course, you will not want to use such appliance in living room or bedroom, but it is certainly still appropriate when used in basements, kitchens, and even garages. Although it is generally designed for towels, the appliance can be used for other clothes too, for example blankets, women’s delicate, and winter clothing.



5. Maintenance Free


Some household appliances need regular maintenance to keep it durable and usable for long time. Fortunately, some towel warmers use dry element technology, meaning it does not have oil or liquid running through the unit. They are energy efficient and certainly maintenance-free since there is no risk of leaking.






Towel warmers have evolved from a simple tool to keep your towel warm and dry into heater for rooms. They are manufactured in many different designs, models, and styles for you to choose. The best towel warmer is not necessarily the most expensive. You can conduct online research by reading reviews from experts or users to figure out which warmer is perfect for you without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Reviews

Bathroom exhaust fans are very vital for your bathrooms. The main function of it is to remove moisture from your bathroom area. Moisture will peel off the paint, warp your doors and stimulates the growth of mold. Exhaust fans also removes bad odour and provides fresh air for your bathroom. There are many different brands for exhaust fans available in the market from the simplest models to elaborate and stylish models. It’s not a very easy task to choose the best one for your bathroom.



You should do ample research before buying an exhaust fan to decide upon the quality, price, durability, noise, features available etc. You can visit your nearest store to find out the different models. You can also browse in the official websites of different brands to know about the latest models and features. However one of the best ways for knowing about the products is by reading online bathroom exhaust fans reviews.



Most of the reviews suggest it will be better if you buy bathroom exhaust fans with which have some of the following features:



  • An allergen-reducing filter


  • A Pre-set Humidity Level Activation so that the fan gets activated when a particular humidity level is reached.


  • Exhaust fans with lights. This will save both your space and money. It will also additional lighting if your toilet is separate. It will make your bathroom look brighter.


  • A motion sensor so that the fan get turned on automatically when you enter the bathroom and gets turned off when you leaves the bathroom.


  • A Timer, so that a time is already pre-set and you don’t have to worry if you forgot to switch off the fan when you left the bathroom.


  • An easily accessible electrical junction box, to allow wiring of the fan without taking anything apart.



Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, Hunter Riazzi Bathroom Fan with Light and Nightlight, Brushed Nickel 83001, Seeker 82032 110 CBM fan, Broan 671 Ceiling and Walls Attach Ventilation Fan are some of the popular brands recommended by most of the reviews.